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Swami Jagdishwaranand Ji

Swami Jagdishwara Nand Ji Maharaj passed away - Dec. 15, 2005

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Swami Sharnanand Ji Maharaj

2011 Program Calendar (.pdf) at Geeta Temple

Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Sunder Kand - Every last saturday of the month 9AM-12PM

Swami Satya Naraya Katha Pooja - Every Pooran Masi (Full Moon) 5PM-7:30PM

Mata Chauki every second Sunday of the month 3:30pm-7:30pm

Swami Jagdishwara Nand Ji Maharaj

Anniversay celebration - Pooja bhajan and langer Parsad


Anniversay celebration Dec.

starts: 10am

Pooja bhajan and langer Parsad

ends: 1 pm


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Jai Hanumana Temple prayers   Parvati Shiva Temple online prayers   Sita Rama Temple online prayer





This site is about prayers to God. It includes favorite bhajans from Hindu religion, mantras and prayers. It features online Indian temple bhajans such as Radhe Krishna temple bhajans, Ganesha temple bhajans, Vaishno mata temple bhajans, Hanumana temple bhajans, Parvati Shiva temple bhajans and Sita Rama temple bhajans. We invite you to join us in the online prayer experience.

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